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Firefox 1.0.4 RC builds available...

Most Firefox users have probably heard of the two critical flaws that were discovered. More about that on the front page: http://www.osnn.net/comments.php?shownews=12015

Candidate builds of Firefox 1.0.4 are now available that fix the issues. Remember that these are not the final builds and may contain bugs. With that said, I'm currently using it and have not noticed any quirks yet.

Windows: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/2005-05-09-21-aviary1.0.1/
Mac OS X: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/2005-05-09-20-aviary1.0.1/
Linux: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/2005-05-09-21-aviary1.0.1/



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I'm sure the official build will be along in a matter of days. They've always been good about getting flaws resolved quickly.
The candidate build seems to be working fine so far. Should work properly for most people. :)
For those who prefer not to download pre-release builds, make sure you read the Mozilla advisory and take appropriate action.


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1.0.4 RC seems to be working well so the final like muzikool said should be any time now. but good to have the RC out so that people can be safer for now


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VenomXt said:
has an acually reported exploit of the flaws even be documented? or is this proff of concept only?
I don't think it is being exploited just yet, you also have to go to great lengths to get this to work. I believe you would have to manually add the site to the whitelist of sites allowed to install software, which is normally just the mozdev and mozilla site.


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hehe.. all i know is that i have been getting popups recently in firefox. here and there.. i dont liek it hehe. (yes i know i have no spyware at all)


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just a lil question, if the 1.03 build was working fine, and they just fixed the problems in the rc build why might there be problems?
As with any pre-release software, it's just a disclaimer. It seems to be working fine for almost everyone. If you're still unsure, the final 1.0.4 build should be released in a few days, so you can stick to 1.0.3. Just make sure you disable software installations as outlined in the advisory.


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Thanks, fixed mine. :) I wasn't going to. I wanted to wait for the final build, but it's better if you're on the safer side.
ming said:
woohooo.. pump up the number of users by downloading each and every RC and final release. lol.
I don't really care about the download counter anymore. As long as timely updates are released, I'm happy. Would be nice to have a working auto-update system though. :)

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