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File sharing and the RIAA


XP Abuser

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has warned employees that they face "counselling" or even the sack if they are found to be using the firm's network to download and store illegally-held copyright material.
counselling whats that interrogation hahaha...tell us where them divx movies are or your family is history:D

How does the BSA & RIAA "detect" files on your pc? by doing this are they themselves commiting an offence under the computer misuse act?
well when you share files. they get hold of your ip address which is straighforward procedure. then they browse your files (which is a built in feature to kazaa and other popular p2p apps) then they make a list of the files you are sharing then they write a nice letter to your isp or company with all the information.:) easy peezy:eek:

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