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File/Security permissions in xp pro



I am trying to establish a set of file permissions on some folders on my XP Pro network.

I have 4 logons on my server, and when I set up the rules on this machine, they work fine. I have set up rules so some users can browse to some dirs and look at the files, but they cant change them or delete them. When they log in under their user profile it works as it should.

But when they log in on another machine on the same network workgroup, they go to "My Network Places" and they can see the shared folder, but can not access it. I can't figure out why, when they are using the exact same user/pass combo on the other machine.

I have noticed that when I am in the Security tab of the folder properties, and I choose "add", and then "under this location" it only shows the name of my server (arrakis) under the locations button, not the other workstations that are on my workgroup (called "DUNE").

So I can see why the rules are working when they log into the machine called "Arrakis", and not the other machines, but I cant seem to be able to add the different locations.

Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about :


If anyone knows how to help me out, please do.



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you need to add the users to the PC itself and control the permissions there. IE add Michael to the PC with the shares on it and change permissions. Then when Michael logs into the workgroup and accesses your PC, he will have the permissions granted to the user Michael on your PC.

You must have simple file sharing disabled as well to do this, I'm assuming that you are on XP Pro and using NetBIOS over TCP/IP
in a workgroup every machine has its own security database.... they have to be in a domain to have a central one.

just put the same user with the same password on each machine and when you go through shares it passes the local to the next and if they match you get in. (for network shares)
but still locally on files and folders the permissions have to be set on each computer. if the accounts/passwords match coming through network then it will go wherever the local account can go and you wont see any permission screens if not they will pop up asking for local account info.

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