FBI to have UK Data ?

Better check your Data...
The UK has had more security issues than all US governmental bodies added together in recent history...

That we know of or they (the US) are willing to make public. All systems are vulnerable and the US is no better off than the UK. As to this issue of identity, we have lived in a place where we always thought that we had the right to privacy. It has slowly eroded to the point where as you say Mike A "what's the big deal if you are a law abiding citizen?" The big deal is that slowly and methodically we are be stripped of our privacy. So you have/had a relative that was or is an extreme Islamic Isolationist. That is not the only type of terrorist they are looking for. They also look for the "home grown" type. Citizens that are disillusioned with there Governments and whatnot. So how do we know who would be listed? It leaves everything too open for the Government. Today they say only X people, then a year or 2 from now they say the Y and Z people also because of blah blah blah... And before you know it it's everyone. Why not just tattoo a bar code on the back of our necks? Then they can just scan us. Or maybe an implant like they have for dogs and cats so they know who we are and where we are from. It can go on and on. As the saying goes, "if you give 'em an inch they'll take a foot". Here in the US it use to be that if a Law Enforcement Officer asked you for your ID you could deny them, "Probable Cause" and all that stuff. Now with the way the Patriot Act has it any time any Law Enforcement Officer asks, no matter how trivial the situation may be, you have to show it to them. Or you can be arrested. They can ask just on a whim and you have to. So how much of your privacy are you really willing to give up? Let's just make all our lives a reality show. That way everyone can see everything.

[/end rant]
I'm beginning to think this may have to be moved to the political forum, i just posted this to highlight it not get into mass heated debate (and gonaads or anyone else no quip about the last part of that sentence :p)
Sorry Gonaads...

I guess because I work for "The Man"

My view is much different...

I see and hear things on a daily basis for which I am thankful I know the Patriot act is in place...

I would like to point something out to you: Police no matter how sure they are, STILL have to have probable cause... and "WE" as the government STILL have to have a search warrant to tap your phone...

It is not nearly as broad sweeping as everyone makes it out to be... and the patriot act will most likely end with the ellection of a new president...

Just dont forget there are checks and balances at every step, even if the conspiracy theorists would have you believe otherwise...

I mean what really happened to that Jet engine after it hit the Pentagon???
you work for "the man" ooo shizzle, im known to the FBI now, best get EP to del me!!!!!! :p

I mean what really happened to that Jet engine after it hit the Pentagon???

prob got towed away on the same lorry it was brought in on ;)
nah MOD is easy, when they were building their new place i walked on site with my dad, didnt get asked for any ID, plus as is pointed out UK gov loses info so im prob safe :)
MoD sites get paraded on TV more often than you can blink :p

The UK police database is just that. The UK police database. Not the "UK and everyone who wants in police database".

The USA has been demanding far too much data from the UK and Europe lately but ignores its own intelligence agencies. They have SWIFT handing over ALL transaction data. SWIFT is supposed to be private and be bound by european data protection laws, yet as soon as the US says "give us your data or else" ooooh look they get disk loads.

The USA has enough intelligence agencies. Ask europe for needed data, not all of it.
what I saw of it on TV its not as impressive as walking into the BBC...
you work for "the man" ooo shizzle, im known to the FBI now, best get EP to del me!!!!!! :p

No worries there... I dont work for them...
I work for another 3-letter agency... the one you mentioned is one which I have not directly worked for...

you saw pudsy ? :D

edit: and who says the US keeps all its info safe - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7239829.stm


I dont understand why you prove my point for me...

I already said almost all entries of clasified networks and the data lost is from inside people...

Mike A!
No worries there... I dont work for them...
I work for another 3-letter agency... the one you mentioned is one which I have not directly worked for...

Mike A!

Sounds like the DOJ to me. ;)
More like an OGA...OGAAA... OGAAA

Sorry revenge of the nerds flashback.
Historically, individuals are more powerful than ever before due to technological advances.

Not just in terms of their ability to cause damage, but also in their ability to benefit society.

But some dumb **** who think he's going to get 72 virgins after he blows himself up, or some other psychopath trying to prove a point are ruining it for the people who want to help society.

And so I'm really nervous about things like the Patriot Act/suspension of habeas corpus/other increases in the US government's ability to track individuals without restrictions.

I mean, yeah, we need databases to keep track of certain dangerous people. But I don't feel like I can trust government to use such a tool without abusing it.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder if my family and I are going to be rounded up and put into camps if something like a nuke were to go off in a major city.

We're from Pakistan, and my name is Omar.

You tell me why I shouldn't worry :p
I dont understand why you prove my point for me...

Mike A!

you are missing the point, any computer that is on a network and has inet access is an entry point, you say all classified info and other such networks are 100% secure because they are not connected to the net but a secure network, yet i am willing to be that there is a few that are connected to other networks that do have computers that can access the net.

No system is 100% secure, and if you think it is then you are sorely mistaken
Only Stand Alone systems are secure because they are not connected to anything. If you are networked then somewhere on the network one or more of the machines are connected to the outside, and there is the weak point.
which is my point, and in todays world there are very few stand alone machines, those people got the info they did (see my link above) because the systems themselfs were not secure, to make a system secure you should have no floppy drives, usb, serial or parallel conections on the pc and have drives that are locked in with a key, and not connected to a network - even then thats not secure as you could go to the extreme measure or taking pictures of the screen
Not sure what the UK equivelent of the FBI is, but I guess if they get our data why shouldn't we get theirs ;)
The reason why I would rather not have the US get any data from Europe and other countries (I do have a green card, I am ****ed anyway), is that the data protection and privacy laws in the US practically do not exist.

There was a huge problem a while back where European companies were not allowed to give passenger lists to the TSA because of these exact data protection laws. In the end they had to narrow down to only certain information.

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