Far Cry Patch 1.2 release date?


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since they pulled pack the update for far cry to 1.2 have they said anytime when they are going to release it?
I'm currently playing FarCry, after finishing Doom, on version 1.0.

I was eager to try out the game first, so before downloading the patch, I went ahead and tried it. Then I began to get fond of the Autosave. I felt more tense since I didn't have the power of quicksave in my hands. :p

Other than the autosave feature, is there any major bug fixes with the v1.1? If yes, then I guess I'll just have to install it and try to suppress my temptation for press that autosave key.

As for the v1.2 I haven't heard anything about it lately. Guess it is proving quite difficult to get the problems fixed and ready.

I'm playing these games backwards. I'm almost done with Doom 3, and now I'm starting Farcry. After Farcry, I have the Painkiller that is sitting on the shelf, yet to be tried. Farcry's view is amazing though. I feel so free after being caged in the narrow Doom 3 world (not saying it is bad tho. Great game actually).


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I'm playing both at the same time and I really want to get the 1.2 patch because it was supposed to enable shader model 3.0 which my card(see sig) supports...they way that I am with gaming is that newer usually equals better cause they have time to fix things so I always keep my games up to date
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Well, I'm almost done playing Doom 3, and the quicksave slightly, and i mean VERY slightly, takes away the scare factor. It is my fault in the end, but when things get pretty scary, I just press F5 and I unload some fear off my shoulders (or my heart... hehe). I can't do this in Farcry v1.0. Hehe...

I guess I'll give 1.2 a try when it comes out. Til then, I'll just stick with 1.0 as long as there are no bugs to prevent the player from clearing the game.

Oh, btw, does the 1.1 patch bring any noticeable performance increase for ATI users or the whole game for all users?
I have the early release of the 1.2 patch the one they said it will decrese the performance on ati card but on my r9600xt it works like a charm.
If somebody wants it I can provide.
But does anybody knows exactly how to quicksave in farcry1.2??? I haven't found any shortcut for that.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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no idea about ati performance jumps in far cry 1.1...as for 1.2 I have no idea since it was pulled so fast

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