Far Cry is better than I remembered


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I haven't played Far Cry since it came out, and have since played Doom 3 and Half Life 2, like most of you. I just reinstalled it yesterday, and apart from having to relearn how to fire an M4 (very different from CS), this game is FANTASTIC.

So any of you guys who have this game sitting on a shelf because you've moved on to newer games, I strongly recommend you give it another go. In my opinion it's more fun than Doom or HL. I'm playing now à la Splinter Cell trying not to be seen the for the whole game (the first time I played it very Rambo).

Cheers guys, I'm off to kill some monsters and guys,


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I still love this game - the graphics, the AI.. everything. Haven't played far into the game, but love what i have played and MP ishilarious. 7 people in the same room playing on this is the bestwe've done so far, still great :)


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i really loved far cry, but it would slow to like 5 frames a minute the second any vechicle came on screen :( not sure their is an official fix for radeon 9000 cards yet :s


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Henyman said:
i really loved far cry, but it would slow to like 5 frames a minute the second any vechicle came on screen :( not sure their is an official fix for radeon 9000 cards yet :s
Tried the new patches? worth a try


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FarCry was awesome, I was watching its development a few months before it came out. Whenever I mentioned it to anyone they were like "huh? far what?" Its great how it came out of nowhere and is a great game. I dont know if its better than hl2... but its up there.


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I found Far Cry to be one of the best games of many years, in some ways better than HL2, i like the massive open levels where i can snipe from miles away. Although overall Hl2 is a better game


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Has anybody seen the movie that shows the next game that is coming out on this engine? It looks pretty sweet. Its not far cry 2, but it looks like it will have the same story line


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Maybe I'll reinstall and give it a shot. I wasn't too impressed the first time around (pre-D3 and HL2), if I'm more patient this time I'll have a different opinion, but trying to drive that buggy around and crashing into palm tree's got to be frustrating after awhile.
Cosmin said:
large " playground " , nice vehicles .. but the last mission is devil :eek:
I still recommend Chrome ..
Yeah the last level was one that had me stumped for ages, if I remember correctly, there was 2 parts I hated, the outside area with the numerous "big boys", which the door closed behind you. The second bit was the corridor with about 20 guys, all super deadly, and one bastard had a rocket launcher. I just had to keep doing it until you took them all out with head shots, minimal amount of ammo wastage, and take out the rocket launcher guy ASAP!! Nasty.

With those replaying Far Cry, (as I am), is anyone doing the hardest level, and ticked "Auto Adjust A.I."... my god, I've never sweated, nor concentrated so hard in my life!!! I don't know if I can go ahead with it all again, I only just scraped through on the levels towards the end, kinda dreading doing it all over! :S

Chrome was awesome too, great game and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it, it's a good alternative for people who don't have the system for Far Cry, it seems like a slightly low-end version. Still had the open-ended levels, with huge terrains, and I loved the inventory setup. The planet where it was raining was awesome, (reminded me of the one from Unreal 2)

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