Fan stalling why?

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I have in my case a whooping great enermax 120mm fan, which is installed as a front intake. The problem is I has started stalling once you spin it carries on fine but until the it very rarely manages to start itself correctly why is this ?
To stop some simple points coming in:-
There are no obstructions
I have cut two blowholes for it so there is adequate air path
The speed controller used for it, is built into the fan

RMA it, it should be starting on it's own, the fact that it runs ok once you manually get it moving is a indication that there is a flaw in the fan somwhere

indyjones Adventurer
thats a no go i have drilled it and fitted leds.........

(though the are powered elsewhere) will check again when i have change the power connector (will connect it to my digi doc instead)


Is it plugged into motherboard or directly to a connector coming from the power supply. Sometimes the motherboard can not provide the current to get a fan started especially a 120. Physics says it takes more energy to put an object into motion than it does to keep it moving. Try the power supply connection and see if it helps, but it sounds to me like the fan is going bad.

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damn it that really is not good :( its currently running of the power supply via a fan adapter (3->4 pin) loughtit is in a long line of such (2 other converts after a hdd, so its possible there is a bad connection somewhere....


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do you have the LEDs hooked up to the same power leads as the fan? The LEDs may be pulling too much current, the current needed to start the fan moving. Try wiring the LEDs into a different power lead.


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Originally posted by Un4gIvEn1
do you have the LEDs hooked up to the same power leads as the fan? The LEDs may be pulling too much current, the current needed to start the fan moving. Try wiring the LEDs into a different power lead.
"(though they are powered elsewhere)"


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What does the controller for the fan look like? Is it a thermal device or an adjustable device? Is it mounted on the fan itself, or is it on an extra set of leads?

My YSTech came with an extra set of wires with a POT (potentiometer, kinda like a rheostat) at the end. Since its full speed was so low, I just cut the controller off and tied the two wires together so it's always at full speed now.

If the wires are accessible on your controlling device, you may be able to fool the fan by adding a resistor in series or parallel to the device so it reads a slightly higher/lower value depending on the device.


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Bad fan, RMA it.

The bearings and windings are not aligned properly so the winding shorts out until you spin the fan. Then the centrifugal force centers the bearing and it runs fine.

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As siad before i cant send it back as it is modded..... Nooo the company i got it from has stopped selling them too they only go upto 90 mm now :(


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Just an idea m8, but looking at yer sig, you've got a lot of kit sapping juice from that 350W enermax PSU.
Might be an idea to try a larger PSU if you have access to one.
If that's the case it could be yer CPU fan dying next time.

Had similar problems myself on a Abit KG-7 board.
(Drives dropping off dev manager under heavy load, fan spin-up
problems etc) Soon remedied by an upgrade to an 480W True
Power PSU. Never had any problems since. :)


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i would say it's power as well. once you get it going it can cope, but it needs a lot of power to get in in motion. you got a psu you can hook it up 2 outher than your main 1?

also does it humm before you give it a flick? if so that backs up the lack of power.

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