faking a dead hdd

ok a friend has this computer of mine with a 40gb drive in it, he says that it is dead but it is only a little over a year old and has never been damaged, he wants to keep the drive and he wont let me look at it to make sure it is dead, is there a way to fake a dead hdd and is there a way to detect it?


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Your friend has your computer and hd and he won't let you look at it? Have you answered the question in your custom user text?

(sorry couldn't resist)



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exactly what do you mean he WONT let you look at YOUR harddrive? if its yours tell him to give it the hell back and look at it all you want ! Seriously think about it a minute....why on earth would he WANT a DEAD harddrive?


Plain and simple tell him to give you the drive to test or he's not getting a new one. If he still resists ...pretend to give in and tell him to come over to pick it up and when he walks in kick his ass! :D


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your so called friend is trying to either pull something on you or he did something to the drive and he doesn't want u to see exactly what it was that he did (ie; was looking in the case while eating and droped a piece of turkey covered with mayo on it or something like that. and he is just embarassed to tell u he made a booboo.:eek:


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LOL, I agree......"SOME" friend.:mad:

You could always offer this buddy of yours the option to take it into his local PC repair shop, to have his ass stung

...although perhaps that could be the problem...

Anyone from the UK will remember the story of Gary Glitter .lol:D

Makes you wonder just what's on "his"......sorry I mean "your" HDD.:eek: :eek:
canadian_divx, you can tell your "friend" where he can stick that drive after you've checked that it's really dead! What an a$$hole (pun!).

<---- *hint*

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