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external USB Hard Drive problem!!!

I sat down at my computer today and went to look for a file that I knew was on my USB drive and when I went to the drive letter...it wasn't there....I went to look at the device manager and saw this...

I then went to the properties and saw this...

I don't understand why it just stopped working...It was working fine when I went to bed last night. Anyone got any ideas on this?....:(

sorry bout the links...no idea what happened there...:/
No...the USB enclosure was connected to a USB 2.0 PCI card. There is still something goin on tho...I think the card is about to go bad to be honest with ya...I can move between the two USB connectors on the card and it works fine for a little while but then it will start not repsponding again.
here is an update....I took the drive out of the USB enclosure and hooked it up directly to my computer and apparently its the hard drive causing the problem and not the USB card....I was able to see the files on the drive..but when I highlighted them all and went to copy them...it totally locked up my computer...guess i am SOL eh?...:(

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