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Explosion in U.S.A.



Explosion in San Francisco, is what I heard, please add so I can find out more.

Found more:

Explosion Injures Woman in San Francisco

Published August 19, 2005, 12:30 PM CDT

SAN FRANCISCO -- An explosion injured a woman and set a clothing store on fire Friday in the downtown shopping district.

Firefighters and police evacuated several blocks around the store in the Crocker Galleria area, said fire spokesman Peter Howes.

A witness told KCBS radio that a woman was engulfed in flames from the blast which shattered the Ralph Lauren store's windows just before 10 a.m. Another witness said the blast seemed to have originated under the sidewalk.



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A fiery explosion from an underground utility chamber in the downtown shopping district Friday burned a woman and shattered windows at a Ralph Lauren clothing store, authorities said.

Firefighters quickly doused a flaming awning and police evacuated several blocks around the store in the Crocker Galleria area, said fire spokesman Peter Howes.

A crew from Pacific Gas & Electric Co. was not immediately able to determine the cause of the blast in its vault, which contains transformers and other electrical equipment, because a bomb squad was investigating, said company spokesman Paul Moreno.

He said there was no indication of a gas leak and no utility workers were at the scene at the time of the explosion.

"The explosion did displace manhole covers — two round steel ones — and it also displaced a concrete cover as well," Moreno said.

Tom Demartini, a construction worker who was sitting in his truck outside the store in the heart of the city, said he heard the explosion and saw the sidewalk rise up six or seven inches.

"It sounded like a big poof, then there was a lot of smoke," Demartini said. "One woman looked like she was badly burned."

The unidentified woman was taken to the emergency room at St. Francis Hospital, where spokeswoman Linda Gillespie had no immediate comment on her condition.

Scores of police officers and firefighters closed off the area and shut down several blocks as hundreds of evacuated office workers milled about on the edge of the city's financial district.

Workers in nearby offices said the blast shook their buildings and they thought it was an earthquake. One woman said the elevator in her building stopped.


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Geffy said:
surely they should be using a longer ladder
Thats where spiderman comes in. Why do you think it takes so long for sequels? He's dangling from midget ladders in the US in underground transformer vaults.

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