Explorer.exe taking up obscene amount of memory

This only happens if I leave the computer on for a while...
so Explorer.exe starts off using about 18Kbyte of memory (~15Kbyte of virtual memory) then it shoots all the way up to about 55Kbyte of memory, while using about 70-80Kbyte of virtual memory.

I've scanned the computer for virus (I'm running Symantec Antivirus Corporate), and have also scanned the computer for Adwares, without any result.
Does anyone know why Explorer.exe decided to become all bloated?

I currently cannot tell if there is anthing wrong with my computer (no random popups, no random access to the internet, at least according to the Symantec Firewall)

Thanks for any tips. :(


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By Kbyte do you mean MB? With the way you have it stated now I don't see an issue at all. In fact your machine probably isn't even running with Explorer running that small amount of memory use.


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've scanned the computer for virus (I'm running Symantec Antivirus Corporate),
you did update it right?

Try the new micosoft antispyware beta. (seems to work best for me so far)

Any other fishy acctivity?
oh sorry, I meant like 18k Kbyte, lol... yeah that would be like 18Mbyte, huh. Lol..

Im using windows xp pro right now... and the virus def. are updated at least twice a week, and same goes for the adware scans...

what's a VM? virtual machine?

Oh yeah, and Im also using the microsoft antispyware too.. (in addition to Ad-Aware)


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You could try running "sfc /scannow" from the command line. It scans your system files and replaces ones that are wack, perhaps Explorer is borked.
hey, when I used the sfc /scannow command, I was prompted for the windows xp cd. so I put in my xp pro sp2 slipstreamed cd, but it says that I put in an incorrect version of the cd?
do I have to put in all the hotfixes too? :(


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That memory usage is completely normal. explorer.exe is the windows shell, it does use alot of memory.
That's kind of weird.. because on my laptop, it only uses about 18Mbyte -> 20Mbyte... :( I guess I have to live with it?

Does anyone know how to use the sfc command??

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