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Well I have to help OSNN any way I can, that Blurb has got to GO.. first we need to send them the bmp,GIF, or Jpeg we use for the OSNN logo so they can display it.

THEN, we need to say something like:

OSNN, a Microsoft featured site full of people with real-world IT/Telecomunications experience, willing to support you on all that is great in the tech world.

something like that...

come on people, I joined OSNN because of the depth of people and range in expertise dont make me leave...



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OSNN is devoted to keeping the many OS communities up-to-date with the latest news and to offering support through our forum.


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*cue intense musical score*

In a world where tech help is offered virtually everywhere, and "fdisk" is the final word on all technical issues -- ONE SITE has emerged to aid the helpless and to combat fear of computers and operating systems. This is OSNN.



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OSNN... Began as a Windows XP (XP-erience dot org) site with techincal help, insite and tips for all that asked. Including news from around the computing world. Has grown into a large and highly freindly community for all computer users reguardless of Operating System preference. Still catering mainly to the Windows user but established forums for other Operating System users as well. With continued news coverage of the goings on in the computing world. Drop by and stay a while.

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