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Evolution or Thunderbird


Overclocked Like A Mother
Which would be better to use?

I do know that t-bird has a junk filter.

I don't know anything about evolution.

Your thoughts?

Gonna setup my wife's email client on our workstation.


Dark Atheist

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thunderbird does have a junk filter, you have to turn it on and tell it to learn whats junk and whats not, or you could just tell it to use the spam headers from spamassin or spampal


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks guys,

They do look pretty much the same, was just wondering is one had more features/problems than the other.



Glaanies script monkey
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If you use Evolution I'd recommend using the bogofilter spam plugin instead of spamassassin. I've been using Evolution lately and it seems much nicer than it used to, namely it doesn't just randomly crash on me.


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Related question: Years ago, when I was still a Windoze user, I learned that by not using Outlook Express AT ALL, sharply reduced my risk of nasties - regardless of what neato paint job I had on it. Eudora for example, piggybacked Outlook Express. But it was just cargo riding the same potentially-infected train.

Unless I've been drinking ENTIRELY TOO MUCH, I see Thunderbird as being web-based rather than resident, and therefore less susceptible to infection by nasties.

Granted, "nasties" + "Linux" = "oil" + "water" (generally speaking), but still....


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*takes jimmj43's drinks away* :p

Thunderbird isn't web based.. Eudora didn't piggy back off outlook express either. They are both self-contained applications that can do POP3 or IMAP directly from the desktop.

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