Evga Nvidia 6800 128mb Review (well kinda)


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Ok i bought this card yesterday and i have to say i'm mildly impressed, but not as much as i thought i was going to be, i expected it to fun Far cry on top spec with both AA AF at 1024x768, perfectly, but alas it does not. it will run at top spec but with AA at x1 and af off.

Is this the usual findings?

I think perhaps my expectations where too high, because the graphics in my games don't look too different to when i was using my msi 5600xt 128mb card.

But Riddick plays very well i have the shaders to the highest lvl, CS also looks great with all specs and AA AF all the way up.

I think i'm gonna do the stepup program with evga, where you send the card in and just pay the difference for the higher card. i'll probably get the 6800gt, but is it worth just saying F&*k it and going for the ultra.

The 6800 is good and i only like to play my games in 1024x768 anyway. But i did expect something a little more amazing. do you think my processor is an issue?


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Well since i posted this, i built myself a whole new system, well i've ordered the parts anyway, i did previously have a amd xp2400, so the new processor is quite a step up, i'm hoping, even though the mhz is lower, but i don't think we can go by mhz alone anymore when looking at cpu's


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Well, what processor / memory / HD specs do you have in your current rig?

processor maybe an issue, as I have a XT9600 ATI card with a 3.2Ghz processor and it seems to run Farcry fine on max settings.


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You will always find a performance hit with antialiasing and anisotropic filtering enabled. The higher the level themore the hit.

The graphics on Doom III and Half life 2 should be different from the FX5600. as with that card, those games default to lower in game settings cutting out effects etc due to a performance issues.

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