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Evasive Safe Mode


OSNN Junior Addict
Hello Friends: My P4 will not start in safe mode anymore. :confused: .
When booting up I press the F8 key and the Puter boots
normally. Everything else seems to work fine.
I have never had this problem before.
Does anyone have an Idea why this is happening? :(

P4 2.4 Intel
Gigabyte GA-8pe800 Mother Board
2 Samsung 80 G Drives
ATI All In Wonder 9600XT Graphics
SoundBlaster Audigy Sound
1024 Mb DDR 133 Memory
LG CD writer & LG DvD
Win. XP Pro


The One and Only
hmm... that's odd. the only problem that could have happened is the same thing i just had happen with a computer i built for a friend of the family, which is the fact that the keyboard didn't work until AFTER it already booted into windows. do you have another keyboard you might be able to try? just a bit of a suggestion since i actually had it happen.


OSNN Junior Addict
Hello Friends: I would like to thank dreamliner77 and ElementalDragon for their help
with my problem. A trip to the bios revealed that my keyboard setting
was in fact disabled. Safe Mode works fine now. Must be those Bios Ghosts again. Ciao

Bill (Wyse Tech)


Dabba Dooba
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ok thanks...i just sent u and sazar a private message about the posts bein gone but u two can forget about them now


Dabba Dooba
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people give them to someone by click the white icon thingy under there name when they help them.

Example...i just helped u by telling u what rep points r so if u were kind u wont click it and give me one.

Thats what they do...U will tell who helps alot around here

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