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eprom burner


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Im a new guy at this and im trying to learn how to use one, has anyone here ever used one? Im writing new fuel curves for my ecu in my car. sorry if this does not fit here
Each burner is different. You need to get the instructions for the one you use and find out what compiler/linkers are compatible with it.

1) You write the code, compile it and give the linker the directions to tell it how to locate in the eprom memory space.
2) You use the utility that comes with the burner to put the linked file into the correct binary format for your partcular burner and CPU. If you are lucky the burner will support the compiler/linker you are using. If not great effort may be required.
3) You plug the burner into the PC and run the burn utility.

If you are just hacking a fuel burn table in an existing eprom then you would read the eprom from the burner, make a backup copy, use a hex editor to change the numbers in the table, save the file and then burn it.

The bad news:
-Eproms can be locked so you can't read the code with a burner.
-If you mess up the table or another part of the code you could blow the heads off you engine.
-The Engine CPU may do a check sum test on the Eprom and either not start or drop back to a minimal function mode.
-A too hot mixture could result in destroying the catalytic converter, warping the heads, damaging the valves, or if you're lucky, just fouling the plugs and leaving you stranded.
-Also, don't expect to be able to get a state inspection certificate after you make the mod's.

I assume you have researched what you are trying to do thoroughly already, right?

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