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There is something that is troubling an african dude from a small and illiterate village, for a couple of days. So he seeks some advice from some of his educated friends.

He calls all of his friends and tells them his problem "Friends, i have a meeting with bill clinton in a couple of days on how to make our small village a better place, but the problem is that i do not know how to speak in english." So all his friends decide to teach him something to say to bill clinton.

They tell him that when he shakes hands with clinton then say "Hi! How are you?" And when he asks, answer him"Me too". He gets this in his head and goes to meet clinton.

On his arrival at clinton's house, they shake hands and he remember what his friend had taught him and said but he asked,

"Hi! Who are you"

Bill clinton thought this was a joke

Clinton "haha! I'm hillary's husband. And you?"

And he goes "Me too"

- Lisa

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