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Email printing error in Vista


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Not sure what caused this but recently emails when printed will lose the first few characters ( usually the 1st half or complete word ) on the left hand margin, although the subject line is unaffected.
If a print preview is selected thru the printer options, a dotted line "print selection area" appears within the normal grid.
No options seem to be available to adjust this and Office 2003 works normally and was reinstalled in case it might help.
Has any one seen this in Vista ?


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What are you using for your e-mail editor? Are you using notepad or MS Word? Maybe try toggling that option to see if either of them works for you to resolve the issue?


OSNN Senior Addict
That's really odd - how did you come across figuring this out if you don't mind me asking?
I have an AMD 4800 X2 processor which causes file system corruptions if it is overclocked beyond a certain point.
A common issue is TruImage backup corruptions and the other is random program errors which appear without warning.
Have had this for sometime.
Running without overclocking at all, never produces these errors.
Maybe a temperature related thing.

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