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no email notification

I have not be recieving email notifications for about 4 days now to threads that I reply to, I checked in the user cp and its checked yes. is my acount broke or something whats going on here? and sinceI prolly won't get an email for when some one replys to this post ill just have to check back every 20 or so minutes.



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I hope it gets turned back on, one of the main reasons I don't talk in most forums is because I can't ever remember where and what I posted about unless I was the one who started it:( one of the main reasons im not a big neowin fan.

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We apparently have some of the Jelsoft guys looking into the problem, we know it is an important feature and will get it back on again as soon as possible :)


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Just to say its still off and some of us are having a hardtime tracking our posts...i have started to search for posts...posted by me so i can follow up on them.

I also really miss one else ever sends me i`m all alone:( :(


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Originally posted by BonyTony

I also really miss one else ever sends me i`m all alone:( :(
Awww poor Tony :( I'll send you an email if that makes you feel better :)

It's just as tough for us you guys. For those of us that track certain thread or if there is a thread that needs to be reported. We aren't receiving email notifications either. Makes the job a lil harder to do. Be patient, it's turned off for a good reason. waddy wants the speed back, it's a lil laggy when replying to posts.


Originally posted by SPeedY_B
E-Mail notifications/sendmail have been disabled on the server for a day or two, this has been done to check how much this will effect server loads and page loading times.
cool, after this check is done come back and tell us about the server resources spared responding to all people coming back and forth the forum to see if anybody had replied to their posts...:D

kill the sigs to reduce server loads instead. I've disabled sigs long ago, they were too big, heavy, unuseful, pompous people telling how cool is their comp configurations...
I mean, if one wants to give cool graphics to his profile he should use the avatar... that's more than enough according to me...

anything but please, PLEASE, give me those notification back NOW!



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yeah i was ganna say!

just like everyone here it started to happen to me like 3 days ago and i was fed up so i was ganna come in here and ask, then i found this thread and i figured it wasnt only me, ohh and when do u think it will be back on? btw i think no one will reply quickly due to no email notifacation ;) ;)

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