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Dying Burner


The Analog Kid
First I had a problem with buffer underruns in easy cd creator. So I switched to Nero. Nero worked great for a while. Now it gets underruns too. The only way for me to burn a cd is to make an image and then burn that. That works fine but is a pain in the a**. Think my burner is dying? Its an LG 8120B. I have burned approx 1000 cd's with it.
depends on how tired of it u r.

me I'd get me another burner, one with burn proof technology, never had one error with mine, burnt at least 300 cd's so far without any errors.

I ain't saying u ought to buy a plextor, there are other good ones too, but would not consider any cd burner without it.


The Analog Kid
I think I'm gonna go give my credit card a workout. I'm getting sick of taking 30 min to get a good burn. Any suggestion?
I was thinking a TDk 40x or maybe a Benq (Acer)

I'd love a plextor, just can't spend the $$$ on it


i would get an i/o magic. mine was super cheap (110 cdn) . It burns at 24x and ive never had a problem with it ~150 cds and counting. i would take the leftover money and buy a decent vid card. CYA


You definitly need to get a Lite On.. sounds like a cheap brand but look at all the reviews.. it reads everything, writes everything, is dependible, NEVER gets buffer underruns (has buffer underrun prevention), and is cheap.. i have the 32x12x40 and have it for a month and i love every moment of it.. i upgraded to this from a TDK 16x10x40.. I liked my TDK but it broke on me once and i had to get it replaced. But there is my 2 cents.. get the Lite On.. Cheap - Stable - Copies all - Awesome
- Mike
Ill agree with the liteon. Ive had mine for a few months and never had an error. its a great burner mines external and can copy at 32x on the fly with no problems

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I think my scsi 4x is getting on a bit. Hell I paid a small fortune for it & I'm sticking with it till it dies.........grumble.......grumble

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