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dvdrw + dvd/cd wont display in My Comp

after installing my BenQ 1620 DVD+-RW drive, none of my Dvd drives show up. if i disconnect the BenQ the other one shows up. In Device Manager the BenQ shows up as some crazy W&#_8n73hjd (not really that, but similar) they are on the same IDE cable

i was thinking of just reinstalling windows anyway, should i just format, or try to fix the problem?

edit: i only installed the BenQ now, its the only CD/DVD i have on the comp now and it loads fine in device manager, but comes up with Error 41, cannot find "hardware device." it still does not show up in My Computer

"Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)"
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thanks for the help but i cant find any drivers on any search engine or anything. just firmware which wont let me update because it doesnt find the drive. i think im heading toward a format.

thanks anyway.

bush dogg

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XP has the drivers just sometimes they don't install right.

Try this go to device manager right click the drive select update driver go through the screens, select "install from a list or specific location"

Direct it to "c:/windows/driver cache/i386"

should come up with "cdrom.sys" for driver or if that don't work you can select a driver on one of the update driver screens. There will be a list of drivers you can select "cdrom" see how that goes.
i dont have cdrom.sys. i remember a while back i did some removal of things to reduce the size of XP. when i pointed it to "c:/windows/driver cache/i386" it said it couldnt find any drivers, please point it to a folder that does.

i did a search and found it in "ServicePackFiles/i386" so i directed it there and it told me that it could not find a better match than the one selected. am i screwed?

i've got no cd rom support and cant even format and re-install XP.

what should i do?
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bush dogg

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No your not Screwed yet :laugh: .

Shut down and disconnect the cd or dvd drives then when you reboot go to where you found the "cdrom.sys" file/driver and copy it to


Shut down and connect one drive boot the system see if the drive installs right if it does then shut down and connect the other drive.

If not post back.
it exists in that folder. i just keep getting Code 41. :(

should i select "dont search, i will choose the driver i want to install"?

edit: i just installed a virtual drive using Alcohol 120.. even it has a driver problem. same code.
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bush dogg

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Yes select don't search tick "I will choose the driver to install" then select
"cdrom" from the list lets see if it will go that way.

bush dogg

OSNN Senior Addict
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The second link above has info about "upperfilters and lowerfilters" I have had to delete the upperfilters and lowerfilters before to fix a problem like this (back the key up first) and try that.

Will your old drive install Ok without the new one?
Do you have another system you could test the new drive in? (may be a bad drive)
woo hoo! with just my Lite-On CD-RW/DVD it works fine. i deleted the lowerfilter, there was no upperfilter. now i've got a new problem. when i connect the BenQ on the same IDE cable only one drive shows up and it shows up crazy looking.. "_3rJDK#d#dk" some gibberish like that. i had this setup working before, and it worked fine.

when they're both connected there is no error (yellow question mark).

i think i'm being forced to only have one of my BenQs installed or the one LiteOn. :(

thanks for all your help bush dogg, any more tricks for this new problem?
I hate to say it but always check the "easy stuff" first. A drive doesn't show or both start acting funny check cables/jumpers first. :D

*edit* - also my DVD+RW drive wanted to be master and stated so in install instructions. ;)
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