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Dvd Shrink Help Im confused

Okay, Im quite familar with Dvdshrink AND dvd decryptor, but my question is this

What is a subpicture and what is ac3 2chan english

I have looked and done the guides but I dont know what to uncheck I DO have 5.1 surround sound.

Should I always uncheck subpictures AND ac3 2channel or not? Thanks OSNN MEMBERS!
yeah room is no problem alo is was a 7.46gb disk it gets it down to around 4.00gb or maybe a little bigger but room isnt a problem (at least i hope not)
Sometimes the 2-channel audio is director's commentary too. Either way, most DVD players that are not outputting 5.1 sound will downmix a 5.1 track to stereo.


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Well there isnt a big deal about removing it. Why do u need to worry about it so much if space isnt an issue? I use dvd shrink and my dvds play fine when selected.


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What is a subpicture and what is ac3 2chan english?

Subpicture means subtitles, aka all the audio converted to text on the bottom of the screen for the hearing impaired.

AC3 2chan english... means 2 channel stereo audio, i always just pic either 5.1 digital or dts. english of course.

When i am using dvd shrink i just uncheck everything except the best audio and the movie itself. dont need anything else.

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