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DVD Problems?




First of all, Merry Christmas to everybody, I hope you have a great day free of any hardware problems :D

Right, here is my problem. I got the Band of Brothers DVD boxset as a gift from my parents (Opened early :p ). I have seen the series before, so I just played the making of the series in the DVD drive on my PC, which all went fine. After that, I watched 1 of the episodes with no problems. It seems that some of the disks don't work though. I enter them into the DVD drive, the green light flashes a few times, but it doesn't read the disk and when I go to 'My Computer', it says there is no disk inserted. It doesn't seem to recognise some of the disks so it doesn't start spinning and reading them.

It is very strange, there seems to be a pattern with which of the DVDs the drive doesn't recognise. This is what I mean:
Disk 1 doesn't work, Disk 2 works. Disk 3 doesn't work, Disk 4 works. Disk 5 doesn't work but Disk 6 works.

That seems very strange to me. I tried all the disks out dowstairs on the 'proper' DVD player and they all work fine with no problems but when I play them on my PC, like I described with the pattern, the 1st disk works, the 2nd disk don't work, the 3rd disk works etc.etc.etc.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

Thanks and Merry Christmas again!



Secret Goat Fetish
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they probebly have protection on them so you cant play them, therfore you cant copy them using a computer :p probebly on every outher cd to cut costs ;)
Read the box label and see if it mentions copy protection.

And try them in a consumer DVD player. If any of them don't work there then the copy protection is excessively intrusive.

Also, are the DVD's the right ones for your geographic region? Weren't ordered over seas or picked up on a trip?

If they were from another Region then there are DVD region killers out there to overcome the restirctonon your fair use.


The region code is region 2, which is correct for the UK.

I mainly use Windows media player to play the DVDs, but I also tried Power DVD to try the 1s that don't read, but it's not a case of the player not opening it, its a case of I enter the disk, but the DVD drive doesn't think there is a disk inserted.

Back to my suggestion of trying them in a home entertainment DVD player. There are multiple formats used for movies:

They use both sides of the DVD.

They sandwich two layers on one side. If they did the sandwich thing I don't know if a PC DVD reader would see it.

Anyone out there who's a DVD expert... HELP!

Electronic Punk

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No double sided discs can be read by DVDROMs.

You could check for a firmware update for your DVDROM?
I'm not saying that you should update but have a look for your model and see if similar problems are mentioned in a changelog, if one exists.


The Analog Kid

hate to disagree with you, but i've never had a problem playing back any double sided disk in dvdrom. Have had a few problems with dual layer discs though.

Electronic Punk

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dreamliner, you weren't disagreeing with me.
Just a drunken lapse of my grammer.

What I mean't to say was.

No [in response to the claim that they won't work], double sided discs can be read by DVDROMs.

Oops :D

Electronic Punk

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I was out last night drinking £60 bottles of champagne ;p
And wine.
And beer.


Was a little worried about driving home, but there were no police about.

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