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dvd/cd writing speed


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i have some 2x and 4x dvdr media, is there any way i can burn at a faster than rated speed (i have a 12x dvd burner)? actually somehow the 4x will burn at 8x, but i dunno why that is. can i overwrite the speed limitations? also i have some 16x verbatim cd-rs and i have a 52x burner, but it still only burns at 16x.


I for example have 12 speed discs, but always write them at 4X as not to have drop outs.

I would stick to burning them at half the recommended speed as not to cause errors.
Saying that i have burnt disks at 12X even though they were 10X, just have to be careful.
All you can do is try the discs at various speeds. It all depends on the blank disk manufacturer and the firmware in your burner. The burner reads the info off the blank so it will do whatever is allowed by the blank. They sometimes relable faster media to say it's slower because it's easier than maintaining 2 product lines.

1) Just because it appears to write ok does not mean it will not become unreadable in a few years.
2) If you write at too fast a speed many commercial players (DVD and CD) will not play back reliably. I have one DVD player that runs my 4x RW just fine. The other will not play anything burned faster than 2.4x. Same deal on my CDs. 40x do not play back in all machines.


Time Dr. Freeman?
this is a bit off topic, but i'm trying to copy my brother's wedding dvd. the original is burnt and plays in any dvd player, but when i copy it it works on my pc, but not in dvd players, does anyone know why this is?


Had that problem also, think it could be a region thing or some kind of blocking device in dvd recorder/player, I hope someone that knows why it don't play can answer it.


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yes u can most of the time on dvdr and somtimes on cd, it all depends on your firmware, what drive do u have? head on over to rpc1.org and find a firmware for your drive. WARNING - if you dont know how to flash firmware dont do it unless u find out, its your responsibility


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the reason that ur brothers dvd works and the one u copied is probably because of the media you are using. in dvd media makes more difference than in cd-r's. if u get cheap media then ur proably not ganna have it play everywhere, but if u get good media it will play everywhere you want it to. Verbaitim has the best media as of now. head over to www.videohelp.com and look at their media list


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Taiyo Yuden is really the only media that should be burnt faster than rated. Use Kprobe (if you have a liteon drive) or Plextools (if you have a Plextor drive) or nero XXX speed to check a burnt disc for errors.


Time Dr. Freeman?
thanks a lot. the videohelp website has been very informative. although i'm still trying to work out some issues, i still know a lot more than i did.


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rp1.org is a great website as is videohelp.com like stated by themafia...I have used patched or hacked firmware to make my dual format 8x burner burn dual layer discs which aren't easily available but I thought if I want to test my flashing I might as well do it on something that can be replaced much easier than a graphics card or anything else...

as for media...I find Ridata discs to be the best for the price...I bought a pack of 50 from newegg...but they can also be found at amazon.com havenot a had a coaster from backing up my dvds...

also moving to you burn faster on slower media you might as well try because 12x and 16x media will not be around for a very long time as well as any dual layer media and the second speed bump of dual layer as well...

A ridata 8x 100 pack at newegg will be about 53 dollars and at amazon.com you can order a 50 pack for 28 dollars...just if anyone wants to know


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sorry forgot about the wedding video...this is just a guess but I would try dvd shrink on the video...if it's the media being bad then this won't help but if you use dvd shrink it will break any region encoding on disc just in case there might be


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yeah forgot that tuffgong, it might have a region protection on it, i forgot about that cuz i always remove region protection it pisses me off, u can tell, all my dvd drives are rpc1 lol and my windows is rpc1 thanks to dvd genie, and power dvd as well

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