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DVD Buning programs


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I was jut wondering what is the best way to burn a avi or a divx to a dvd. I used nero and my computer overheats dam near when encoding. I have 3000+, 512 megs ram, 240 gig hard drive


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I use nero vision and it does the job just fine. It always uses up 100% of my cpu but it's attempting to encode the file to dvd as fast as possible and hence it uses up all available cpu cycles. All encoding programs should do this.

If overheating is your issue than maybe a new fan would cool things down a bit more. What kind of temperatures do you reach?


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if you want to convert the avi to a dvd file, use WinAvi Converter...takes 45 minutes to convert (usually less) and then just burn the dvd files with nero or deepburner or cd burner xp pro...


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yeah my temp gets up to 77 degrees celsius, i think my heat sink is full of crap. I am going to get a new heat sink and fan and see what that does. Thanks for your reply's

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