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My home DVD player cannot play European (region 2) DVD movies, because it is an Australian one (region 4). I am looking for a software to copy DVD2DVD and change the region setting. There are lots out there, but I am looking for a free one (don't want to spend US$50 for one copy!)

Any suggestions welcome. Cheers, EJ :blink:


not all movies are released in all regions......many of my asian dvd's are region 2 or even 3 and in pal as well sometimes

i just decided to get a region free dvd player w/built in pal/ntsc converter

or you could always check to see if your dvd player is hackable
such as was the case with my jvc

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Just noticed that Daemon supports multi region. When installed look under 'set device parameters'. I can't say whether it works or not. Don't have a dvd player. I use it as a virtual cd only.

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Originally posted by RogerPhillis
Theres really no such thing as a free lunch !
Gotta disagree with that........for the home user anyway. There is so much freeware around you just have to dig a little & wham there it is. For the home user this stuff really does an adequate job sometimes better than programs that cost $$$$.


just change the region through the registry -

1.Start > RUN > regedit

2.Click the + (plus) sign to the left of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. > software > microsoft > windows > then Highlight the CurrentVersion folder.

Choose Edit, New, Binary Value. An entry (New Value #1) will appear on the right side of the Registry Editor screen
Step 7: New Value #1

Type the following: DefaultDVDRegion.
Once created, set the Binary Value to 0 or 1 - (depending on what is teh current value)
Close the Registry.
Re-Run the DVD software (reinstall) .
It should prompt for region selection again. Set the region to 1 (or applicable country).

That's what I did, It worked for me fine. I know someone who had the same issue running home edition and was not able to watch his dvds from Hungry. He ended up buying a new dvd drive :). Guess he should have talked to me first



Originally posted by Elroy Jetson
Elroy is asking about a home DVD, NOT a DVD-ROM. And I have found tha answer despite all the babble here.
thought so.........ah... i have a region free player..and a hacked jvc..so i dont worry bout any of that region coding


Originally posted by Elroy Jetson
My home DVD player cannot .............
:eek: hehe, yeah :eek:

well my fix is there for people who want to change the region on their comps. Sorry for the Temp dyslexia

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