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DV in/out


Arte et Marte
I have a Panasonic DV camcorder that was bought with only a DV-out facility. I overcame the problem of trying to take finished film back OFF the computer via firewire with the aid of a 'WIDGET' (DV-IN enabler) which plugs into the still port of the camcorder.

What I was wondering does the DV-IN enabler allow the camcorder to take film directly off a VCR via the 'S' Video cable, or does it only work via the firewire? (to save me humping my VCR upstairs into the office as I want to transfer some old analogue VCR footage onto DVD). :)


Arte et Marte
I should say that all camcorders have the facility to DV-In, but are disabled as this brings the machine into a different tax bracket, as it would then be classed similar to a VCR - which apparently is why they are more expensive (dont shoot the messenger)

The enabler plugs into the 'still port' and electronically activates the DV-IN until such times as you disable it again (its about the size of a USB flash drive with a small lead to plug in = and converts via existing electronics to a 'recorder' for external sources)

Hope this helps - my original question tho was, will it work using the 'S' video cable as well as the firewire cable (which it does work with) - can anyone advise?

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