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Ducati stunt Show!


High On Life!
Hi recently red bull (power drink manufacturer) opened a branch here in Saudi Arabia around 1 year ago, 2 months ago they organised a huge stunt motor cycle show by this amazing German Guy Called Christopher. he does crazy stuff. They gave him a dirt bike, a dirt bike with no front wheel, and a DUCATI MONSTER!!!!! So i took it onto the pc and made a video cd of the Ducati part. it is 7mins and 30secs its around 72mb and i wanted to share it with everyone here and wanted to know if anyone could host it on their ftp or something? i would host it but the thing is im on a lan and its really hard to upload due to firewalls and a lot of other factors so if u can host it plz tell me it would be very much appreciated. THANKS!

If you would Rather it in mpg rather then the bin cue iso format plz say so and i will do that or if u want two versions then i can upload both the mpg and the iso the iso is 72mb compressed and around the same size for the mpg!

Thanks again!:happy: :happy: ;)


High On Life!
i forgot to add later we will also be releasing skidding videos of really hot cars eg. Bmw 745li 2003 dodge viper, lots of benz's, z3m powered, maybe even the new z4 as my neighbor works for bmw, and even the NEW AUDI A8, but those show cars from the showroom maybe not too much skidding just show of the cars as the audi a8 has finger print recognition for up to 6 users! BMW and MERC only have 1! Will be Keeping u up to date!:happy:
Wrong forum? :p

I guess I could host it if it wasn't for the massive traffic it would generate, so sorry! But tell me when it's hosted and I'll look at the movie. :)


High On Life!
hope someone can host it cuz tonight we are ganna video the skidding! yesterday night we we cruising and we saw the viper that we might use, its my friend's dad's friend's car. hehe and my friend will take it to prom! hehe. nice ass silver one! :happy:

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