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dual psu


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Have a new server case coming with a 400w psu. Is there a way to connect my old 300w psu to turn on and off with the new one as i dont want to butcher the new one to get 5V and 7V

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you could connect the two wires that switch off the psu but dont tell me which one

and thats kinda hardcore why not get a 1kw psu


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Found this:

OcUK N-way PSU relay (OA-000-OC)
The OcUK PSU relay allows multiple PSU's to be switched on or off together while being completely isolated from each other. Perfect for multi-PSU cases such as the Juno P6 full tower this removes any requirement for modifying your PSU's wiring - saving the user from performing a possibly dangerous process.

Containg two sockets - one for a standard 4-pin molex plug (as used by CD-ROM or Hard Drives) and another for a standard ATX power connector, the heavy duty relay onboard isolates the two Power Supplies protecting your system from dangerous spikes. While most cases struggle to contain two power supplies, should you have the room you may also daisy-chain as many power supplier as you have.

Note : This device does not combine the power going into the motherboard as this would likely cause damage to components. When using multiple power supplies you should allways share devices between the PSU's rather than combining multiple PSU's into one device.

Review at Moddin.net

Price: £12.95 (£15.22 Including VAT at 17.5%)

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but isnt this what you want to psus for to get higher power rating so you can run more stuff
Originally posted by adek
i dont want to butcher the new one to get 5V and 7V
Not sure what you mean here. 5V is the red wires and 7V can be accomplished by connecting between the yellow (12V) and the red (5V) wires.


I am running 5 case fans, cold cathode light, 2 SCSI drives, CDRW, CDROM, 2 psu fans, CPU fan with a 450W psu. No problems.

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