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Dual Monitors IGP/AGP

When I install an AGP card does the IGA on the MB get turned off? I'm trying to get two monitors to work on my PC and can't figure it out. If I take the AGP card out the other monitor hooked up to the IGP will work. I can't seem to get both video adapters to show at the same time in the Display Settings. The AGP will show dual displays but it's just the monitor and composite video output of the AGP card.

any help would be greatly appreciated!!

the 9200SE should have dual outputs anyway. so you'll want to disable the IGP by default unless ou want to try for 3 screens.

Having said that IGP's are agp so my guess is that if you plug an agp card in the IGP is disbabled by nature of the fact you can only have one agp device at anyone time.


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In the manual it says you can set the on board grapgics adapter to memory usage none, which should shut it off, so the primary card will be what you install.
unknown_user said:
.....when your using the agp card check in the bios and if the onboard video its turn off turn it on.
that was the first place I looked. I found the setting to turn off the onboard audio, but didn't see anything anywhere for video

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Most of the boards will disable the IGA when you plug in an add on card I have an MSI that allowed for an extra TV from a bracket that you can add to the motherboard, but when you plug in an AGP card that should take over.
I guess I'll haveta buy an ISA video card to run along side the AGP. I want to hookup the plasma tv to the computer so I can switch from the LCD monitor to the plasma. I want it hooked up as a monitor and not through composite or svideo. I thought I could use the onboard adapter and the AGP but so far no luck there

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