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Dual Monitor with PC Application Question???

Goodmorning everyone

I have dual monitors and i usually move most applications over to the other screen for example winamp. When i close down winamp, and open it up again, the winamp program comes up on the main screen and not the secondary monitor. I was wondering how i can save the positions of applications so i dont have to keep on moving them across the screen every time i close them and re open them?

Thank you for your time and help

Sincerly Alex:cool:
LOL same thing to you ste "your up early" :p

I hadda look around the computeractive... couldnt find any programs that could help me about the application positioning. However, I did find a program called :

Palmasutra 2.1 - Get a grip on your lovemaking techniques :D HAHAHA
(what will they think of next)
That program came up in the search results for app positioning :p LOL

But yea, i cant find any programs on that site inwhich can help me. Its not really a problem, just slightly anoying :p

Nice Avatar Ste :cool:

Any other ideas anyone???? :confused:

Sincerly Alex :cool:

P.S I didnt get a txt back ste off anyone so i dunno whats goin on, has anyone spoke to you about it?
o ok no prob. an no no ones sed anything 2 me either so i dunno, and this email notification thing is annoying every 5 mins u gota click refresh just 2 see if anyone has replied.

If u get a reply from em, txt me or email me or somert.


will do ste... nothing yet still.. proberbly forgotten about us already (the cheek) :p

I know yea, the Email Notification thing is well anoyin to keep tabs on active threads.. hope it comes back soon. I used to rely on it all the time.

Cheers anyways ste, and ill contact you if i hear anythin from um

Sincerly, Alex :cool:
thanx Razor, thats helped alot :D .. i didnt realise there was an option in the Winamp program for multimonitoring.. i have Ultramon, its pretty good and helpful

Thanx once again Razor :D

Sincerly Alex:cool:

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