Dual Boot XP & Win98SE


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You can either use a boot loader like system commander and such, or you can just make 2 partitions

Install win 98 onto the one, then install XP onto the other, and the XP bootloader should detect 98 and add it to your bootlist at startup :)
Goatman, good rule of thumb to follow in multi-booting -- *oldest OS first (avoids a lot of extra work/problems that way). Put 98 on your c:\ partition, and run XP setup while in 98 and install it to another partition.

* you can put 95 OR 98 on your primary partition, 2k next partition, ME next, and finally XP -- all will work from the same drive using that simple precept - oldest first.


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my point exactly lonman:) nt loader works great why screw with it...just arrow up or down to the os and enter easy as that...now why complicate things
I have been running my current set up for a while and don't wanna loose my HD, how do I add it after the fact, I can't get the Windows 98 setup to run

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