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Dual boot XP/Win98-- best back-up solution


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I have a WD 120 and WD 40 gig drive. I am using the 120 with dual boot. I also have two other partitions on it one for data and one for music.

Right now I use Norton Ghost to clone the 120 with all the partitions onto the 40 and do that about once every two weeks. In case of a bad crash, I can do a clone of the 40 back to the 120 after I slick it.

My question is, what would be a better method of keeping a full backup of my system? I have both Norton Ghost 2003 and Partition Magic 8.

I don't want to start from scratch thou. All ideas welcome.



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I do a similar thing, I have 2000, XP, and changing linux distros on my main HDD and keep my Ghost backups on another. The only thing I would recommend, is to backup very important stuff to CD as a failsafe, I do this about once a month.


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Physical backups are the best solution. Ive got Mandrake and XP dual boot on my WD 40, and my 100GB has all my other ****, music etc.


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What I do is to keep a original ghost image with all my main programs loaded. I update it when I add one that I want to keep, and burn it to a rw dvd and replace the image when needed. All other data is in a directory on another drive which I back up to rw cd's. Have never lost anything important since.


Jason Roberts

I have very similar procedures as ejm except that I leave my orginal ghost image inact. Whenever I install and update my software such as norton virus definiations, I create a new image file that way I have the orginal installation in case something goes wrong. I keep all my ghost images in my 80 GB external USB2.0 Hard drive. That drive is filling up rapidly nowadays.

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