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dual boot 98SE & XP Pro


kevin gould

I have one hard drive which I can partion as required as I need to install both 98SE and XP Pro. I have a scanner which only works under 98, no xp support.

I beleive that 98 is installed first then XP so my theory is 3 partions, the third for my data. Any recommendations as to what dual or multi boot program to use. Everything I have seen on the net is for 9X/ME and does not mention or cover XP. Happy to use FAT 32 for both.

Kevin Gould (UK)
you can use partition magic for the partitioning part. You dont need a bootmanager cause xp has one... So just partition youre hdd in3 partitoins install 98 and then xp on the second partition then your programs on the third, Install the programms under xp and 98 but on the saem spot, so that you can access youre programs under both windows

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Indeed, for XP to create a dual boot, win98 must be installed on the first (active) partition, XP will then see win98. Chose the D: partition to install XP.
Keep in mind to format XP partition in Fat32 just in case you want to access XP files under Win98; otherwise, format in Ntfs.


OSNN Senior Addict
If its only the scanner that doesn't work in XP, I'd suggest buying a new scanner, let's face you gonna have to buy a new one eventually and they are pretty cheap now


Always remember that you can only access those programs on the third partition that refer to WIn 98 when in that system partition etc and the same for XP.
You will have 2 folders for C\Windows. One active partition will be hidden from the other on boot up.

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