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From the powerquest web site> For dive copy.

"Supports Major Operating System Platforms
DriveCopy supports all of the popular operating systems and the file systems they use.
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows Me
Windows 95/98
Windows NT
Windows 3.1
Linux "

Besides the fact that it does not seem to support XP what are the differences between 'copy' & 'image'? Don't they do the same sort of thing?


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well if u had looked at the faq bout the product u wold have seen this
"Q: What is the difference between DriveCopy and Drive Image?
A: DriveCopy is a disk-to-disk cloning tool used for copying the contents of one hard disk directly to another hard disk. Drive Image has the same disk-to-disk cloning function built into it, as well as additional features for creating and restoring image files for backup purposes. "

have a read here

If your looking for a recommendation I'll give driveimage one, I use it once a week where each Saturday morning while I'm asleep it mirrors all my partitions onto a second HD.

Then as just a few days ago I needed to replace my primary partition it was done using a boot disk without any issues.

Also with their explorer you can view and extract individual files to original or other location.

For me very good and proven application.


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Good grief Charlie Brown
Thanx for that djmorgan. I know nothing about how these programs work. Never used one but I can see the advantages of having one. 'Image' seems to be the way to go rather than 'copy'.