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Download managers



Ive used a few different download managers, and id like to know what are some of the best, preferabbly freeware with a good clean gui that will run on win2k, thanks.

Update - I use Mozilla Firebird 0.6, so i need something that integrates with it, also winxp sort of buttons are visually pleasing to me so something with those are good, ill show u my desktop setup to show u what i mean...

My Desktop

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Welcome to the forums Mutal1sk. :)

I got onto DLExpert a while ago & it does a good job. It intergates with IE. Click the download link & it opens up. Easy to use & set up. Freeware of course. :D


star downloader

i recently installed this coincidently, and is all that i need as far as i know, but i am not sure if it catches Firebird 0.6 links, its associated with opera, netscape and ie but i dont think mozilla or firebird. is there a setting i can tweak to enble it to catch clicks and urls?



ok, well mozilla firebird is a really goodbrowser, i tried netscape, then mozilla for a while, but eventually i went back to ie for ease of use, however, Mozilla Firebid is now my replacement for ie, also theres other clients, including thunderbird, a standalone email client (like outlook express for ie). but yeh, if anyone can find a download manager that includes support for Firebird, let me know :)


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Leechget definitely the best by far.
LeechGet was designed as a fast, comfortable and also powerful download manager, providing all capabilities you need to download files from the Internet quicker and simpler than ever. Unlike other Download Managers, LeechGet is and will always be Freeware (not Ad-Ware), it can be used free of charge without displaying ads.

Simple to use

One of the main aspects while developing LeechGet was simplicity - every function must be integrated in an easy-to-use yet powerful interface. LeechGet uses a Microsoft Outlook-like user interface with which many users should already be familiar: a navigation bar on the left and a concise menu provide access to important functions of the program while Wizards are used to perform more complex tasks. Modern styled controls (which means in this case Windows XP styles) enhance the Look&Feel of the application. In addition, LeechGet seamlessly integrates in the Windows 9x/2000/XP environment and the Internet Explorer, allowing you to easily start and manage your downloads.

And yet powerful

LeechGet is not just a simple download manager, it also includes a full-featured FTP client. The ftp Explorer allows you to download, delete and manage files on FTP servers. You can as well use the "normal" LeechGet download engine to download FTP files when you're connected to a server. Besides, LeechGet provides many functions such a automatic downloading, download timer, automatic hang-up and shutdown to perform unattended downloads or uploads. A Webparser lets you download complete website with all images and scripts in no time and a history list gives you quick access to downloaded files.

And the best: It's completely free

As you can see, LeechGet already provides tons of useful features, and please be aware that this is just version 1.0, there are a couple of features that are not yet implemented and will be available in upcoming versions. If you have any wishes, suggestions or questions about LeechGet, feel free to contact us. We count on you to improve and develop LeechGet. One more important thing about LeechGet is that this program is completely free. Unlike many other download managers, LeechGet doesn't install any kind of adware, spyware or other unwanted software. You can use LeechGet completely free of charge. Enjoy this fine Freeware!


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if any of u get higher performance than the registered download accelerator with any of those other ones plz tell me so i can try them out


Flashget download manager!

if u want to include freeware and shareware!
then id pick flashget everytime!
I'd recommend FreshDownload or StarDownloaded, simply because they are free and do their job well :)
But I doubt either of them integrates with Firebird (in fact, I doubt any of the apps posted above in this thread do). I use Firebird myself, but I use download managers only for very large downloads. So I just copy the download link and paste it into FreshDownload.
I prefer Star Downloader. It says it integrates with Opera, but it doesn't integrate like it does with IE. In order to get the "integration" to work, you need to have it check the clipboard for URLs. When you want to download something with Star Downloader, right click on it and tell it to copy the link's address. Star Downloader should then catch it and pop up a download window. Star Downloader also has a lot of neat features in the making.

FreshDownloader is okay, but it wants you to register it to use it fully.


No-one mentioned Get Right?

Well it has (at it's web site) extra's which add plugins to Opera,Mozilla,Netscrape and IE.

Get Right Home Page

Has a good section where you can find mirrors for software when appz have been moved or server is down.

File Mirrors

Or try freshdownload. Never used it but it is free.


Register it for updates and to use it and get licence for free.

They send you update notices also and I have never received spam from them either.

If you worry about spam, then do a hotmail account prefably something like zzzzzzzzmyname@hotmail.com

Get your free hotmail here (as if you didn't know already :)))))))

You use a lot of zee's (z's) so it is less likely to appear in programs that create spam mail addresses for spammerz.



just to let you all know, getright works with firebird with the mozilla plugin. pity it isnt freeware :)


Getright once registered is free upgrades for ever. So each major release 6.xx 7.xx 8.xx 9.xx etc is yours. Currently @ 5.02


The only one of the app's mentioned, that I have any experience with, is "fresh download" from http://www.freshdevices.com/

It's pretty configurable, and integrates with opera, mozilla, and ie.

You are required to register it, but it doesn't contain spyware, and the registration is free.

They have a couple other app's; "fresh ui", and "fresh diagnose" that are also freebies.

They WILL send you "update" type e-mail to the addie you give them, but other than being html, and somewhat large, they aren't a problem.

You can also opt out of receiving them if you want.

I think the version of fresh dow I am using, is outdated by a couple versions, but since it does all I ask of it, it just hasn't needed updating.

I'm also particularly fond of the download manager that came with my mozilla browser. It only uses a single thread, but since I'm on a wretched dial up connection, it is almost as fast as fresh dow.

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