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Download Accelerator



I would like to know if there is a free d/load accelerator that is similar to GetRight......

I had Getright but I cant use it any more for reasons I cant say as a moderator or Two may not like it and I wouldn't like to upset them;) ......

Thanx in Advance..



StarDownloader had all the features I was looking for. I like the fact that I can minimize it and all the downloads it does to the system tray, plus it shows download progress on the system tray icons or I can click on it and it shows an on-screen display of the progress. It just has what I want. It's been a while since I messed with FreshDownload. From what I remember, to me, it still looked like it needed some work. That and I don't like having to register my software in order to use it properly.
As for the question "do they work", it depends on what you want it to do. Sometimes, yes, it can speed up your downloads by quite a bit. But, one of the main reasons I like to use download programs like this is simply for it's ability to resume a download. I hate it when I'm downloading a really large file, it gets to about 90%, then something screws up along the way (disconnections on dialup, connection timeouts, bad servers, etc). It's nice being able to just have to get that last 10% later than having to redownload the whole thing all over again.


Ok.....I'm going with star for the moment and we'll see how it goes...
Gave it a quick go and holy **** it's fast...much faster than getright and it's free.........
Good work to dealer and zyfos........



uhh I got Flash get.. but how do I use it? when I download, windows uses its orignal download.. how can I make Flashget to download automatically in replacment of windows?


It was either shut down or hang up that flashget had that star couldn't do.

i was using star for a little while. But there were a few functions that i needed.

Site Explorer was another one. I needed to leech a few files off a site.

Its just a couple of things that flashget had that star didn't. So i chose flash. Star was a good downloader but would have helped if it had theme support. It looks really really shocking.

leechget.de has a GREAT frontend but not much in the way of features. Its a great resume/pause downloader... but thats about it

Kevin Ar18

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Originally posted by BenQuilter
do those really work?
To answer that question you gotta understand how these so called "Download Accelerators" work.

To be accurate, the programs do NOT accelerate the speed of your connection. They simply allow you to take full advantage of your connection.

Let me explain....
There are two factors to consider. 1)The speed of your connection 2)and the speed the of the server (where you are downloading a file from.

When you have a broadband connection, you will find that many times the server is not sending you the file as fast as your connection is capable of. For example, as a cable user you may be capable of 200KB/Sec, however, for the sake of illustration, let say that the server is only sending you the file at 40KB/Sec. From this example, the server is sending you stuff at a speed much slower than your connection is capable of.

So, in order to fix that problem, the so called "Download Accelerators" have come up technique that uses up all of your bandwidth. Basically, they take the file you want to download and split it up into maybe 5 pieces. For all 5 pieces, they make a seprate connection to the server. So instead of making 1 connection at 40KB/Sec, you are making 5 connections at 40KB/Sec each. Add that all up and you get a grand total of 200KB/Sec (5x40). Thus, by making multiple connections to the server, these "Download Accelerators" are able to use up most or all of your bandwidth capabilities. So, these programs cannot exceed your bandwidth capabilities. They simply do what it takes to overcome a slow connection to a server so that you can get the file as fast as your connection is cabable of.

After saying all that, you can kind of understand why this mostly benefits broadband users. In most cases the servers are able to send data faster than dialup can handle, but dialup connections are just not fast enough to receive it. I've never used "Download Accelerators" on dial-up, and I've read where some people say that these things make downloads go slower and some people say that they make downloads go faster on dialup.

Without a Download Accelerator, 40KB/Sec is not necessarily the norm for most servers I download from. In fact many are over 100. However, I have also had some that were in the 30's and even some in the 200's. Considering those speeds, a Download Accelerator is sometimes not too important. (Currently my connection is limited to a certain speed; From what I can tell it is somewhere around 200+.)

As a side note there are some additional features that these programs employ. One of those features is found in Download Accelerator Plus (DAP). Whenever you do a download of a file, DAP automatically searches for mirror download locations and chooses the fastest ones. I've also tested Star Downloader and Fresh Download and from what I recall they either did not do a mirror download search or it was currently not as good as DAP's. Thus, in many cases you could get better download speeds using DAP because it searched for and chose the fastest servers.


Originally posted by Razorwing
uhh I got Flash get.. but how do I use it? when I download, windows uses its orignal download.. how can I make Flashget to download automatically in replacment of windows?
comeon someone help me plz..

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