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DOTA Online?


OSNN Junior Addict
anybody plays dota-online?, they said that it's online but i can only play it offline i already downloaded the map but still not working... any comments or suggestions is highly appreciated. thanks in advance.


OSNN Junior Addict
i've downloaded the map already but how can i connect online, there is no log in screen, i've already installed the latest patch what else is missing...
Suggest that u reinstall Warcraft 3: ROC and then install expansion: Frozen Throne.
If problem persist, contact Bizzard.
U have paid, trouble their tech support :)


OSNN Junior Addict
I dont know if you are still reading this thread but....Dota is also around on regular Warcraft 3 w/o the expansion if it is only frozen throne you cant log into....the newest version of the map is like 3.9c...


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I love dota. Nothing more fun than techies' carefully planned gambits. Easy to counter, but... Even its counters make it an irritation if you play it right.
Techies is good to slow down enemy play.
But no use in late game, unless techies farm till E.O.S and Divine Rapier.
That will be Battle Techies instead of Sabotage Techies.

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