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Dos anyone know a solution to my problem?


Gasoline Rainbow
Hello everybody;

I have an executable file called WGRIB.exe
This is a small potatoes type file that converts atmospheric data from a gridded binary format to ASCII text. I have used it plenty in the past but only on Win98 and NT (build 4 I think).

Last night I tried to use it in the Dos window of XP, but it won't werk. I keep getting a stack fault error. I am assuming that this is an XP issue. Does anyone know if there is an XP update or driver that allows one to execute older DOS programs on XP ??

Has anyone experienced similar problems of this nature? ANY ASSISTANCE would be GREATLY APPRECIATED !

Muchos Gracias , Merci Beaucup, Tanka, Grazie, Domo Oragato !!!!


Gasoline Rainbow
Thanks guys, but i still can't get it to work. Will continue to snoop around for a solution. If you have any other idea, please do let me know,



Gasoline Rainbow
Thanks to those how offered their suggestions. I solved my problem, apparently the program version I was using MS-DOS compiled with gcc. I got a fixed version that was windoze compiled with gcc and it werked. problem solved !

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