Does vista have a set activation limit?


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10 Mar 2004
I was wondering, out of curiosity. Does Vista have a set activation limit or has anyone had a problem activating it several times as long as you answer there questions 'correctly' when you call to activate it? I was wondering this because I do change my system a lot and reload it a lot being that i like to play with things and it would suck to activate it a few times and then them tell me i have to buy a new copy. I know with XP you could pretty much activate it as much as you wanted. Anyone have any real insight as to how this works with vista? Anyone hit their activation limit?
- Mike
As long as the hardware doesn't change significantly you should be ok, as far as I'm aware anyway. Although if you have got an upgrade version you have to install over an existing operating system, no being able to just put the cd of an earlier version into the drive when asked during the installation.
Ok, thats still a round about answer. I was just wondering if anyone had run into a problem activating it too many times yet. And that post referred to the retail version, i am wondering if that same thing refers to the oem version or if it has an activation limit. Its hard to find an exact answer!
- Mike
I second calling Microsoft. I doubt many people have had enough time to experience the need to reactivate, especially a number of times.
All of my product keys are VLK. I've installed and reinstalled in my test environment dozens of times.

As for retail keys, if the hardware remains constant then you shouldn't have any problems. Nothing much has changed between XP and Vista as far as activation goes (the method is still the same).
OEM may have different restrictions. Generally, OEM licenses are tied to the machine you install it on and are not transferable. I don't know if there is a set number of times you can activate/reactivate it. Retail versions, as mentioned/linked to, can be transferred from machine to machine and, as such, probably do not have a set limit. Activate it too many times in a short span of time however, and I'm sure you'll set off a red flag somewhere.

Also, keep in mind, that you can legally extend the "grace period" to activate windows using the command "slmgr.vbs -rearm" will add another 30 days to the grace period before you are forced to activate. I believe you can run the -rearm command up to 4 times

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