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Does this sound like a virus to you?



Two days ago we got at&t broadband cable internet. Wow, do things fly. Anyway, my dads e-mail account has acted strangely ever since he set it up. The first e-mail he sent went to 95% of the people in his address book when he only sent it to two people. 'Twas a shame, too, as it was about firing one of his employees, and a lot of the employees are in his address book. Anyway, people recieved the e-mail and said it wasn't infected with a virus. We scanned with NAV 2002, Trend Micro online, and searched countless virus encyclopedias about our symptoms. All returned nothing. Now my account doesn't have the problem, and neither does his hotmail account. Only his att account. One last thing is that the cable internet installation configured IE6 and Outlook Express 6 (startup webpage, title bars says provided by att broadband, blah blah blah) It only did that on his account.

Could it be that:

- We have a new virus that hasn't been discovered?

- AT&T email sucks?

- Outlook has a glitch with the title bar being changed for it?

- There is a glitch with the AT&T servers?

Thanks for your help and ideas.



it was his own email. He wrote it, sent it to 2 people, and it ended up going to almost all people in his address book. I was there when he sent it.
Does he have the feature active to save sent emails? If so, look in that folder and see if the email is addressed to just the two he sent it to, or if it's addressed to everyone in his address book. If it's addressed to just the two, then i'd suspect a glitch... if it's addressed to everyone, then i'd suspect operator error.

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