Does this Email look legit??


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Hi Guys,

I got this email from MSN. It looks legit. I expanded the header as well. The "Secure Form" wording is a link, although I have not clicked on it yet. I have been hearing about phishing. Your thoughts..

I forgot to add that I do not pay for any MSN services, and this came from the MSN payment services department, as noted on bottom of email.




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heyllll nizzle tiz fake, they would never want to ask u that, btw where does the link take u to if it is clicked


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if you notice it says it was received from This is a roadrunner cable address. It most certainly is not a real e-mail. I would do more than just delete it. I would report it to the admins.


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don't click the links... ever.

Some of these scammers trap the link to their website to take all advantages of exploits found in internet explorer.

Clicking the link using internet explorer can instantly result inm an invisible trojan keylogger installed in the background of your machine.


I've gotten these sort of emails before. I got a couple that purported to be from my bank. The security department at my bank was very greatful when I forwarded the email to them, they especially like getting the header intact, it helps them to chase down the dirty sob's.


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yeah as unforgiven said i would report it and help the battle agaisnt spammers and gay (dont mean homosexuals) people like that
I've had a few emails come in phising of late. evil buggers they are. Most often they have a legitimate link covered by an imagemap that will take you else where while showing the legitimate url in the status bar.

Take a look at the source of the email if you get even the tinyest bit suspicious.


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I've gotten some pretty good ones from Paypal-related phishing. Don't trust the RECV info, it is very easy to forge.

The point is that pretty much absolutely no company will send you and email like that. When in doubt, go directly to the site, e.g. type in, don't click a link in the email.


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Yea I get these from banks, even from bank that I don't have accounts with, LOL. No matter how legit they look or may even be, I never use the email. I will goto the site myself directly and check the status of things.
j79zlr said:
The point is that pretty much absolutely no company will send you and email like that. When in doubt, go directly to the site, e.g. type in, don't click a link in the email.
That was going to be my advice .. you beat me to it. :p Also with sites like paypal they only do https:// so if you see a non-secure paypal link you know for sure it's fake.

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