Does the Network IP number matter on speed?


I was discussing with my brother this morning about our home network and we are noticing a connection speed of roughly about 700kbps on a 100mbit Network. This isnt right is it?
We have a network set up based on our routers IP addy. So mine for example is Is this affecting our network speed? should we go back to 192.168.0.X ?

If the IP addy of our computers are the issue.. then why is it? :confused: i always thought it is just an idenity number

Could there be any other reasons why there is a slow connection?

Thank you for your help and time

Alex :cool:


I may actually be insane.
Are you absolutely positive that you're ALL connected at 100mb ?
When friends and I have a LAN we all have 100mb cards but the hub we use is a 10mb hub, so are you sure that there isn't any hardware along the line that's slowing things down?


I may actually be insane.
I wouldn't have thought so, an IP is just an address of a machine, once its been located the data transfer should just go at what ever speed the hardware is capable of.
Did you get around 10MB transfers when you where using the old range?
never tried it :confused:

I had the 10mbit hub when i got my router which we based our ip addresses on and then we decided to get a 100mbit hub.. so we just pluged and played :confused:


I may actually be insane.
well 700k sounds about the speeds you would get on a 10mb hub/card/connection, so I'm not sure where the problem is.


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Let me just ask this...

are these speeds from PC to PC or from the internet? Also, keep in mind that if you have an autosensing hub then you need to set the NICs to autosensing. If it's not autosensing then you need to hard set it. You should also turn on Full Duplex. If the speeds are from then internet then that has nothing to do with your internal network. That would be the speed of your cable/DSL. You also need to keep in mind that even though you have a 100Mbps connection, you will not get those full speeds. You can expect 12,500Kbps from one PC to the next, and that is assuming that there is no other network traffic and the PC can handle that. CPU speeds and HD speeds can sometimes affect transfer speeds too.
oh i wish i had 700kbps DSL connection :eek:

How can i find out if the hub is autosensing? the hub has 2 lights for each port connection. One being 100mbit and the other being 10mbit connection light. The systems are all on 100mbit (the lights) on the hub and ive set the NIC's onto 100mbitFull Duplex and still no difference :confused:


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If it has both lights then it's autosensing...

setting a hard setting on an autosensing port will cause slowness issues. This may be your problem. Change it to auto on the NIC.


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Is your network wiring Cat 3 or Cat 5?

700 kBps sounds slow for even a 10 mbps connection (divide speed by 8 then multiply by 0.7 to translate 10 mega bits per second to mega bytes per second with ethernet protocal) you should see more like 850 kBps.

If you have the lossy Cat 3 wiring your network may be seeing a lot of data loss and slowing itself down to the 10 mbps rate. Depends on cable lengths, quality etc.

Find/borrow a couple of Cat 5 jumpers and connect the PC's and the HUB together. See if you get full speed. If not it's a setting thing.

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Does your router have a switch in it? If so ditch the hub and use the switch, hubs are bad for networks. Switches are MUCH more efficent on network traffic.


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LeeJend: Let me ask you this... when is the last time you saw a Cat3 cable? They don't make them anymore. Cat5 is Cat3 compatable. I doubt that's the issue. If you REALLY want to check if it's the HUB then get a crossover cable and connect the 2 PCs directly to eachother and test the speed.
I will change the settings on the NIC back to Autosense today to see if that does anything. They are using RJ45 leads.. presumably Cat5 cables.

This is the Hub i am using

If that doesnt work.. then ill try a direct circuit networked connection between 2 computers and see what that comes up with :confused:

Ill let you know how i get on..

If you have any more ideas now that you know what hub im using, please let me know. Thank you for all your time and help guys :D

Alex :cool:
Originally posted by Alex_is_Axel
ive set the NIC's onto 100mbitFull Duplex and still no difference :confused:
I was going to say "that's your problem right there" since you're using a hub. But now it seems you're using a switch and not a hub, so I guess that's not the problem.

FYI the problem would have been that a hub can't use Full Dublex, it only uses Half Duplex.
so a switch can use Full Duplex? :confused:

Right, i changed everything back to Autosense.. still no luck on increase of speed :confused:

It couldnt be anything else could it? They are on WindowsXP. I have 4 computers hooked up to this Switch hub. One computer is connected by another switch hub (exactly the same switch hub and the other one). They are connected together using an RJ45 wire also. All the computers, including the router are all 100mbit lit up on the switch. Any other ideas?

Thank you for your help guys :)

Alex :cool:
Here is an image of what the layout looks like so that it could help you understand how my network is running at the moment.

Does this help? :confused:

*quickly done in paint* :eek:

Alex :cool:
oh well thank you for your help everyone, ill just buy myself an internal network card unless i have one lying around somewhere :D.. hehe

*is disapointed with his network card*

Thank you everyone once again

Alex :cool:
isnt it funny how much you can learn from an MSPaint image :p. Just like you were able to tell me my problem without having to ask anymore questions.. hehe. MS Art ;).. da best for network knowledge plus quick and easy to use :p

hehe :p

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