Dodge Nitro, Another Knock Out?

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Speaking of Jeep -- my parents have a 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo that they bought new that year. It has had an unbelievable number of problems. From what I recall the suspension had to be redone twice in the first year, the back hatch quit opening several times while they've had it, and the back bench seat has never laid down like it's supposed to. I warned them about the quality of Jeep before they bought it, and now they know and won't buy one again.

The Wranglers may be another thing -- I can't speak from experience on those.

Well you any company will have a bad lemon out there. I mean yeah I love chevy but there are times where I hate them or how some people have 250,000 miles on there truck and then someone with the same truck had the motor blow at 120,000.

I think dodge sucks fully but I do like there Jeep line. I don't know much about the grand's but I do like the regular cherokee's and the wranglers and so on
Ok just close this thread.
It has gotten so far off topic its not even worth posting in.
The thread isnt about how much you hate my favorite American car company...
Well, I thought you were looking for opinions on the Nitro (and other Dodge vehicles), and I think you got honest replies. But since you started the thread I'll honor your request. :)

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