Do not ever order from these guys!



Im trying to start a small hosting company and dont have time to make a template so I decided to order one from here:

so I ordered a template viewed Here

but when I paid for it and opened it I got This

Now the header are in flash so I called them (hardly speak english) and they told me to make it a complete page viewable in IE I would have to pay more for them to customize it. After telling them thats not what I paid for, I paid for what was on your site they hung up on me.

I called which handles the CC purcheas and they told me if they cancelled the order I wouldnt be charged , if they didnt I would have to wait 5-7 buissness days for a refund.

Like i have time to wait, now I have a template and cant do crap with it and have to look for another place to orderong. On top of that I was nice and called templatemonster back to ask about cancelling my order to avid getting charged and they hung up on me 2 times. MotherF @#!

Stay away and dont let anyone deal with them...Please!

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Looks good, perhaps their screenshot was at 800x600 and yours was at 1024x768 either way it should be variable by setting the table width to 100% rather than 7xx as they do.

Having said that, if a company can't provide support products that they retail, then you should steer clear anyway.
Works for me. :) IE6

That design looks very tricky to adapt for full-width rather tham fixed-width. I suppose they should tell you if it's full-width or fixed-width. I take it they didn't?

Hanging up like that, such a$$holes! :mad:

<edit>Oops it WAS full-width. You're just missing the background for the page plus the cellspacing should be 0 and now what you have now (3-4?). Is there perhaps a background image or two around there somewhere in the package?</edit>


ok I found the missing sides...basically they included it with the non flash but not the flash ...I was able to get it transfered to the flash template but now the tables are messed as they were set for flash. I racked my head and it haunted my dreams all last night. Woman is pissed. So if anyone can lend a hand I started a thread Here ....You can see what I have at the moment and see what Im talking about Here

The woman is pissed I keep talking in my sleep last night about the template...On a good note is refunding my money. I guess thats good, on top of it they called me ( this morning "7am" and wanted to apologies and offer a different template. I told they to piss off and they should have thought about that last night before hanging up on me.

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