Dial-up unavailable in Windows XP?




Having suffered for a week with this thing, I finally got a fix. Now it may be a bit like selling your soul to the devil (Microsoft) BUT, I just went here:


and chose the administrator download (134MB) of SP-1...ran it, rebooted and VIOLA! I'm back to normal (my PC, not me.)

HISTORY (doomed to repeat it, and all that:)...Going back some time ago, I believe I downloaded a bunch of updates, but don't think I ever did the "whole magilla" (SP-1)...

It seems as if I recall uninstalling "LightFrame", a hokey utility that came with my new Phillips monitor, and my troubles began soon afterward. Just for posterity, let me record that I could not start Norton Antivirus to check for a dreaded bug, nor "WinDoctor" which I love and use religiously. I don't use all of their (resource-hogging) products but those two are essential for me at least. There were many other things (can't recall what exactly) that wouldn't work plus the dial-up and DSL wouldn't function. I got a reference to "ATL.DLL" can't be found, start or something (sorry, my memory is piss-poor) and there was almost nothing to be found on the internet search. I ran "SFC" and restored all the original "DLLs" and other than that I had nowhere to go.

Then I reinstalled XP (not clean because I didn't want to start all over again if I didn't have to) and ended up with ***ONLY*** the "cannot start RASMAN" issue. So I'm back to normal and I hope you all can be as fortunate.

God bless and thanks for your help with this. Feel free to e-mail me as needed.


RASMAN solution

I'll be interested to know how many are helped by the merging of:




into the registry (no spaces)....it failed for me and one other I know of. Certainly this would be a better solution than installing SP-1 but either beats the hell out of a clean install of XP. Signing off, and very good catch on the spacing issue.



Posted by JJB6486
Start->Run->"c:\windows\system32\services.msc /s"

Find "Remote Access Connection Manager."

Double click it, and change Startup Type to Automatic, and click the "Start" button.


thank you for the information

I appreciate your feedback really.

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