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Inspired by this thread, I think this is something I should tackle as a project.

I want to better organize my PC, and implement tools that will help me be more productive.

First thing I plan to start with is DeskTask, which was mentioned over on Kunal's blog (shameless plug :p)

That will be a useful tool to help me organize projects and hopefully get things accomplished. The first task I will do when I get home is to take a new screenshot of my desktop, so we can have a before and after as progress warrants it.

Partially due to my comment about Office 2007, I just feel a change is in order. Hopefully with this process, I can really make a change for the positive :D

What I'd be asking for are utilities/applications that make things easier productivity-wise.

This should be fun :)
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*Bows* Thank you, Derek. You're doing a fine job. Remind me to give you a raise soon. :D

I know you mentioned that you're giving Windows Desktop Search a try. Honestly, simply installing and using that on a daily basis was one of the biggest productivity boosts for me. I wouldn't have spent a few hours over a couple of days writing out that detailed review if it weren't as awesome as it is. Make sure you read the review and learn how to use the aliasing features and the advanced query syntax. It really, really speeds things up.

I'll try to post some more tips and suggestions later. :)


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Actually, I downloaded the Windows Desktop Search, but have yet to install it. That is part of why I need to do this, as things get lost on my desktop and/or I forget to continue something I was going to do. I definitely will read the review though, looked like some great information :)

I feel so ashamed :p

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your DeskTask links to MemInfo eh!

Nice find, I will give it a try.

Have you installed it yet? I just wanna know the memory footprint. I usually like to run as few processes as possible.

EDIT: Decided to install it, not bad. It's currently using 5412K of RAM.
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I have the link fixed, thanks AM.

Haven't had a chance to install it yet, I have Tuesday off which hopefully I can get some stuff done then.

What do would you guys suggest for tools that I can run displaying RAM/CPU/Temperature statistics?


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Coolmon is old school. I use Yahoo! Widget Engine for weather and a calendar. They have widgets that display system info.

Avedesk has more to choose from, but I like the way YWE works more.


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I've only used Widgets very lightly, I thought they were too big/clunky. Can you adjust the size(s) of the widgets themselves?


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I have two widgets running so that equals three processes. One is the main engine and two are the widgets themselves. All three total 15MB of usage.


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That is pretty sweet, and how I thought.

I would assume different widgets use different amounts of RAM. However I do have 2GB, I should be OK ;)


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I've made a vow not to fall back into this bad habit.

Where should I start, with a V.S. or by organizing? I assume I should ditch the quicklaunch, or not use it as heavily. I am starting to like a lot of the simplicity seen in the Desktop Threads - where people have a few buttons for their program groupings.

Picked up a Maximum PC guide on some system modding too - perhaps that will help :)

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