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Desktop replacement situation?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
whilst my main rig is out of action I have plugged mouse and keyboard over to Notebook - and Emachines 5100 series.

Was wondering if I could expend this to my 19" AOC TFT, if to make that work I need to be able to select it as primary display and thereby close lid on my Emachines... Having no experience there I thought i would ask you guys - any ideas for my line of machine? I am sure some can do this, have heard of a hack for Powerbooks too...

Hope someone can help - will make things a little more bearable until I can fix my good machine! :(


- geek -
Easy way to tell if you can is to check for vga port. If you got one should be able to just connect the monitor and boot up the laptop I believe. If I remember it didn't matter if the lid was open or closed on my *cough*Gateway*cough*. :)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
yeah I have the port - problem #1 though - to "boot up" I have to open lid and press power up button!!! (micro switch in hinge situation?) So I guess that is out - any more ideas?


- geek -
Xie said:
If I remember it didn't matter if the lid was open or closed on my *cough*Gateway*cough*. :)
hehe .. give it a try. Whats the worst that could happen? I mean they couldn't put the port on there if it was unusable. :p

-edit- Oh and for clarity I meant open or closed after you booted ... not trying to boot with it closed. :p I think upon windows booting it'll notice the 2nd monitor and ask/search for drivers just like any new monitor. :)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
eh oh - just *cough cough* clicked properties on my desktop and found an "Output to monitor" tick - now trying to configure so it works - still missing my desktop rig like crazy!

[EDIT] set resolution to suit the 19" - now testing lid closing - shall post aginb with result! [/EDIT]


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OMFG - now I think everyone is laughing at me hehe :eek: :eek:

[edit] /me needs -ve rep points button for self - post that in the ideas for Ep someone (with link to this thread!) :eek: ;) [/edit]


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OK OK - so now lid is shut and I have monitor active etc etc - but still - that extended desktop was a temptation - so I tried it, and yeah it is cool - except for two things....

1. I use Virtual desktops (a power toy) and am not certain of the intereaction

2. When I use to place my notebook screen to the LEFT of my monitor (for logistic reasons that CANNOT be changed!) and yet when I drag things from the monitor I have to drag to the RIGHT to take them to the notebook screen!!! This is so counter intuitive it makes the idea a non-starter! So can anyone fix that?

I shall now go back to thread and rep those that may still be laughing at me! hehe


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
AWWWWwwwww I feel EVEN more stupid now I dragged and dropped 1 and 2 !!! hehe

[edit] the differeing screen sizes and resolutions still have me going though - but thanks crono - neat idea! [/edit]


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
PS - Virtual desktops does fine - you just end up with ALL your virtual desktops being extended! I either need to re-adjust all my thinking or (PREFERABLY!) get my main rig fixed and get back to normal.... who knows - next thing I'll have pubes on my mousepad :eek: :p

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