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Desktop Icons


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I haven't installed any new programs or updated my dtop yet quite a few of my dtop icons (the simple folder for example) now show as if I don't have something installed. I tried changing the icon (to the simple folder) and nothing but I can change then to anything else. Why? :s How can I get the basic icons to work again?


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Reps to you MF, thanks! Gotta love an easy fix. I wanna know why, all of a sudden, this happened. Any ideas?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Computers do crazy things, just like people. Anything could of done this really.
well as a web-designer you may say that....

as a programmer I must disagree...

They just create the illusion of doing crazy things because they have become complex interlayered and intereacting programs that are running... In fact what they do is boringly predictable internally. So any issue SHOULD be reproduceable IF it is completely understood (or at worst case one understands WHY it cannot be reproduced).

Like I said to Jewelzz in IRC, my best guess is a bugette in the cache handling for icons - hence my suggested fix, and since it works that reinforces my guess as to cause (but does not mean it is right!). Since it is fixed we are unlikely to go further - but you could experiment with insanely low cache sizes for icons and stuff and finding the file and messign with it and stuff....

I shan't bang on - just wanted to say it is ALWAYS a mistake to anthromorphize a computer - always wanted to use that word in this forum and I finally have! (Hope I spelt it right! :p)

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