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We wanted to come up with a funky way of getting you guys involved with what Shuttle do, so I had a cunning plan. Shuttle are well known for their easily-portable PCs, which they cart around to a lot of trade shows to show off to the press and the gaming public. So, we thought, why not do something that would get bit-tech readers kudos from all over the world?

The competition is easy. Simply design a desktop wallpaper featuring a picture of an XPC, or the XPC logo. The coolest Wallpaper wins a Shuttle SB61G2 v3, and the second best wins a Shuttle SK43G, all for a few minutes in PhotoShop. The winning pair also get their wallpapers put on Shuttle PCs at events all over the world! Cool?

OK, the Rules:

1. To be eligible, submissions must be received by the close of business on Friday, September 3, 2004. All files must be provided in JPEG format and be 1280 x 960 (72dpi) in size.
2. To be eligible for selection as a winner or runner up (ie a recipient of the advertised prizes), submissions must include the XPC logo and/or an image of a Shuttle XPC.
3. Submissions containing explicit sexual, racial and/or religious content will be rejected out of hand.
4. All decisions regarding the selection of winners and the suitability of submissions are final.
5. All submissions become the sole property of Shuttle Inc and be may used and/or disposed of solely at the discretion of Shuttle.
6. You may submit as many wallpapers as you wish.

So, get your PhotoShop shoes on, and email all entries to this address:
read instructions in link for information on how to enter :)

I know we have some talented themer's here... might as well try out and see what happens :)

the XPC :)

good luck lads...

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